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Jewelry by canadian creators and around the world

In silver, staintess steel, gold, rose gold, with Swarovski crystals, statement or dainty we have them all!



$19 / month.

Tell us your preferences and let us surprise you. Receive 3 rental pieces per box. Wear them as much as you want. Unlimited box swaps are included with your membership.

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Sophie Samson
It was a revelation!
After returning my first box, I couldn't wait for the next one to arrive. And it was as much a revelation as the first one! (All the next boxes were, as a matter of fact). Three new pieces to try every month! They were always to my taste and I had plenty of time to determine if I could wear them with my lifestyle.
This is how I ended up surprising myself and buying a lot of the jewelry I received. I built myself a real jewelry collection. I even bought a jewelry box to keep them organized. Who would've thought!
Sophie Samson Read her full experience on our Blog
Veronic Boucher
What convinced you to become a Gem Haul member?
It was rather easy to get me to try the rental service offered by Gem Haul. A friend mentionned it, and I couldn't pass up the occasion. I love jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, but I don't always have the money or the chance to shop them. This rental system is perfect for me.
In my opinion, this unique way of trying the jewelry combined with the possibility of buying the pieces I love is nothing short of genius!
I also love that the employees are easy to get ahold of and they always try to meet your special requirements in the best way possible.
Veronic Boucher
Marie Cloutier
What does Gem Haul mean to you?
Gem Haul, for me, is the excitation and fun of opening my mailbox and finding something else than bills. It's a gift for ME, a mother and stepmother of 3 boys. In my universe of cowboy pistols, video games and mud pies, my Gem Haul box lets me get in touch, if only for a moment, with my feminine glamor side, without having to leave the house. Anyway, who has the time, with 3 kids, to go out and shop jewelry? Thanks to the Gem Haul team that lets me wear beautiful jewelry since almost 15 months now. Long live the monthly Surprise Box!
Marie Cloutier

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