About us

The Gem Haul adventure began during a shopping day with friends. In a jewelry store, a couple of creations caught our eye. Since purchasing jewelry implies great knowledge of our wardrobe, we asked if it was possible to buy a few to try out, and return what wouldn’t fit with our clothes. Obviously, they refused.
We left the store empty-handed, with an idea on our mind. We gave ourselves the mission to create the service we were looking for. The one that would make people like us enjoy the ultimate jewelry shopping experience!
You know the rest. We founded Gem Haul, a Montreal based company that offers you a service which helps you to find the perfect piece of jewelry, the one that fits your personality and wardrobe. The one that you’d want to show to everybody and wear during many years.


Alexandra Lefebvre Genevieve Perron-Migneron Marie-Ann Beaudette Louis Morasse
Alexandra Lefebvre 
Geneviève Perron-Migneron 
Marie-Ann Beaudette
Louis Morasse