Bracelet Diamant Brut

Bracelet Diamant Brut

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This small bracelet made of sterling silver is a piece from the ''Rough diamond'' collection. It is inspired by the geometry of the diamond at the natural state. It's perfect to wear everyday, because it's very light and confortable! I soldered two rings at the end with one inch between the other to adjust it the right size.

The 6-7 inches is perfect for the small wirst. You can wear it thight or loose upon the hand. The 7-8 inches is for a strong wrist.

Because this jewelry is delicate, I recommend to remove it when sleeping or doing sports. If you stretched it accidently it can fragilized the chain. This advice is good for any kind of chain that you have!

Dimensions :

Center piece : 15 x 10 mm

Length : 6-7 inches or 7-8 inches 

Type: bracelet

Designer: Maksym

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