Bracelet Pyrite
Bracelet Pyrite

Bracelet Pyrite

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This pyrite nugget bangle is made of sterling silver and a faceted pyrite. The 2 1/2 inches in diameter and is for a regular size wrist .

This collection is about the constrast of the raw and metalic surface of this stone and the slick polishing of the silver. I love creating duality in my piece by using precious shiny metal and raw stone. This bangle is perfect to wear every day and pull off the most casual outfit!

Dimensions :

Pendant : 10-15 mm

Bangle : 1,2 mm silver wire

Inside : 2 1/2 inches

**All my bracelet are one of a kind because all stones are differents. Maybe the product you received will not be exactly like the picture.** 

Type: bracelet

Designer: Maksym

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